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“Tether is a great way to access admissions counseling at a stellar price. Would definitely recommend it to anyone considering.”

– Godlove, High School Student

"Tether was able to connect me to students at my dream school and now those dreams seem much more obtainable. It's affordable and truly a better substitute because the first-hand information is invaluable."

– Rachel, High School Student

"Tether has made my college process less stressful and allowed me to gain the help I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get in my community!"

– Helen, High School Student

"Satisfied with the service. Incredibly intuitive and helped us a lot. The admissions process treats high school students like consumers. The first-hand unbiased information was invaluable."

– Jessica, Parent

Our Mission

To provide accurate, honest, affordable counseling to high school by connecting them to college students at schools of interest. Current college students recently went through the admissions process, and they are not utilized enough despite their first-hand information. These college students are the true experts because of their knowledge of the social aspects, in addition to the admissions process. Understanding all aspects of a university is crucial.

How Tether Works

Connect With Our Team

Sign up, and a team member will be in contact immediately in order to determine universities of interest and other goals.

Finding The Best Match

Our team will connect you with the best students that fit your goals and learning style.

Pay As You Go!

Student counselors are paid one session at a time at a flat rate of $30/hr for members, so no commitments!

Get to Work!

Meet with as many students as desired on essays, information about campus life, advice for passion projects, extracurriculars, and overall guidance through the admissions process!

Admissions Is Not Seasonal

Tether provides assistance with EVERY stage of the admissions process

Early Preparation

Getting on track early by strategically planning extracurriculars in order to build your admissions story

Application Process

Working on applications with personalized counselors, and staying organized during the stressful time


Figuring out the best school for you by talking to Tether's diverse network of counselors

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